Each WaInsight “Account” is unique and is determined by a combination of email and mobile phone number information that must correspond to a natural person. An Account permits access to the selected digital bundle of services related to the WaInsight Platform. An Account must therefore be private to a person. The Account created provides a link to the relevant WaInsight Services (the “Services”) referred to below.

Each Account is linked to a dedicated virtual namespace, which users can think of as their personal workspace.

An Account is the permitted modality via which a WaInsight user (the “Account Holder”) can consume, view, contribute to and otherwise analyse compare and contrast:

  • a) quantitative Place Quality Measures (as defined below), concerning the economic, social demographic, built environment and natural capital characteristics and information in respect of any given postcode;
  • b) qualitative Place Quality Measures (as defined below), being, place-related video, audio and user generated opinion content;
  • c) macro or micro past, present and predicted and residential property “Market Data”

((a) and (b) together constitute “Place Quality Measure(s)”, whilst (a), (b), (c), together constitute “Data Service(s)”).

In order to obtain a valid Account an Account Holder user must agree to be bound by and adhere to, the (1) Terms & Conditions; (2) Acceptable Use Policy; (3) Privacy Policy; (4) Cookie Policy; (5) Community Participation Policy and (6) Licensing Terms as found at Walulel’s website’s legal section. Such consent is deemed by signing-up to WaInsight and providing the personal information required.