Geospatial Data Service(s)

With a WaInsight free Account (i.e. Gratis), the Account Holder will be eligible to consume WaInsight’s “Geospatial Data Service(s)” which consists of digital Data Services that inform in respect of the the place quality of any postcode within an “Urban Jurisdiction” we serve, such as (1) London, (2) Accra, (3) Birmingham, (4) Manchester, (5) Nairobi, (6) Dar-es-Salaam, (7) Lagos, (8) Abidjan, (9), Cairo, (10) Paris, (11) Berlin, or (12) Johannesburg (as available from time to time), with access to the following named features:

  • Walulel Data (with tethering restrictions) - Over 1000 proprietary and professionally processed place-quality measures (each a “Dataset”) to enable the subjective and objective: observation; analysis; comparison; prediction; contrasting; and opinion-distillation (“Contextual Understanding”) - with restrictions imposed on the reasoning utility and permitted consumption capacity.
  • Walulel Data (with brokerage capabilities) - Gratis Account Holder controlled - access to Enhanced Geospatial Data Service(s) Account Holders’ subjective place based insight and marketed property.